It happened once, and it’s going to happen again …

Our first, online, Spooky performance was a glorious experience, at least for us, and hopefully for you, too. Using the wonders of Zoom we could see all your smiling, schnozes on a big screen – it felt like you were there with us! So we will do another one very soon … keep and eye out for details. Meanwhile, check out this recording we did of the first SPZOOMKY.

Massive Singlet

The Spookmeister has been keeping himself and others off the streets with large scale zoom singing things under the
name MASSIVE SINGLET. some of them have been spooky. Here (above) is a look at life inside a spooky one.

All things singlet can be found at
We hope to see you, in a room, when all of this is over. Bless your socks!