Deep (2009)

This is a combination DVD/EP, including new classics Boogie Wonderland and Affirmations, along with concert footage, a special live DVD shoot at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, and winners from the Great Spooky Videoclip competition.

Track list – EP

  1. Deep
  2. Boogie Wonderland
  3. The Affirmations of St Kevin the Usual
  4. Concrete
  5. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  6. Let Me Through
  7. Just Because I Wear This Foolish Tie
  8. The Parting Glass

Track list – DVD

Classic songs from the Spooky lexicon live at the Boiler Room, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba + Prize winners in the Great Spookyclip Competition + Live morsels from the UK Tour 2009 + Rarities from the gig archive.

  1. Mraval Jamier
  2. Magnificent
  3. Tool
  4. Affirmations
  5. And I Love Her
  6. Lashgvash
  7. Deep
  8. Lightpole
  9. Don’t Fence Me In
  10. Not Pretty Enough
  11. Shen Har Venahi
  12. Ghostriders in the Sky
  13. The Mess Song
  14. Stop Scratching It
  15. Dancing Queen

Plus rarities …