The spooky men are delighted to offer you

A special online event where we will make the very best of the current restrictions to create an intimate spooky performance for you. In the grandest of the blue mountain halls, with appropriate social distancing, sweet lighting, and your smiling schnozzes and comments on a screen we can see, we’re going to go as close to the real spooky thing as we can …


8pm Sydney time (10am UK)

The concert will last approximately 75 minutes

This is a nominally free event, but we’d love you to donate.
Tickets and all details here

Massive Singlet

The Spookmeister has been keeping himself and others off the streets with large scale zoom singing things under the
name MASSIVE SINGLET. some of them have been spooky. Here (above) is a look at life inside a spooky one.

All things singlet can be found at
We hope to see you, in a room, when all of this is over. Bless your socks!