We sing again!


20 May – June 7

Coming to a venue near you – as long as you live in Victoria, Australia.


Thank you …

for your part in spzoomky 2, because it warmed us to a man to see your eyes and faces and dancing feet, this is the very stuff of which stuff is made, and thank you too for all the lovely written responses and contributions.

OUR APOLOGIES AGAIN for various technical kerfluffle, most of which wasn’t in our control, and we’ll try to make sure it doesn’t recur. Most latterly the contributions page crashed soon after the gig, because our server thought we were sending so many emails we must have been overtaken by some Russian oligarchy trying to fix an election. The pages are all working again

You can see video from the first session here.

And the SPZOOMKY 2 session here.

And, if you feel moved, we are still very happy to receive a voluntary contribution.

Massive Singlet

The Spookmeister has been keeping himself and others off the streets with large scale zoom singing things under the
name MASSIVE SINGLET. some of them have been spooky. Here (above) is a look at life inside a spooky one.

All things singlet can be found at massivesinglet.com
We hope to see you, in a room, when all of this is over. Bless your socks!