During our 9th UK Tour* (July 1 – August 7th 2022), the Spooky Men once again went to Ely Cathedral. Here we are performing:  “Oi u luzi chervona kalyna”, a magnificent Ukrainian patriotic song that fires us up mightily.

Thanks to Philip Read for the editing.  And, to all our Ukrainian friends, we send love and strength.

Slava Ukraini!

* The Tour

We did it.

We are very tired.

We would like to thank everybody, even people who had nothing to do with it.

There were some things. At some points it didn’t seem like we’d go. At some points it seemed like the fabric of things might unravel.

We found warmth, we found bigness, we found tears of all kinds. We found a second half that was enormous without mostly being funny. When we sang for four lovely Ukrainian women at Sidmouth their tears made our tears and singing oooh became the hardest thing in the world.
We did our biggest gig ever (4500, we think, at Cambridge), and our smallest (9 auction winners at Sidmouth). We had so many human encounters which shone a light on what it really means for people such as us to sing to other people.

Because of these things our hearts are full.

We are so grateful for the chance to do these things.

We are so grateful to all of you.

The reviews were flattering:

Cambridge Folk Festival: