We can’t all be in a room together. We can barely find our own beards.
But we can bring you …


20 FEBRUARY 2021
9pm Sydney, 10am UK

SPZOOMKY 1 was such a glorious experience, at least for us. To see all of your smiling schnozzes warmed our coolest places, and gave thrum to our voices….This time we have even better technology and more ideas to make it a VERY GOOD THING, and can’t wait to have that sensation of (almost) being in a room with you all.

You can see video from the first session here.

Bookings are FREE, but we are very happy to receive a voluntary contribution.

Massive Singlet

The Spookmeister has been keeping himself and others off the streets with large scale zoom singing things under the
name MASSIVE SINGLET. some of them have been spooky. Here (above) is a look at life inside a spooky one.

All things singlet can be found at massivesinglet.com
We hope to see you, in a room, when all of this is over. Bless your socks!