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Sheet Music

Original scores

You can buy original spooky songs from us at $80 a pop. This will give you a PDF of the score, plus MP3 files of each individual part demo'd by Spookmeister Stephen Taberner and other luminaries.

The short version of the terms and conditions is that you can use these materials more or less as much as you like, but with one choir only. Please nominate the choir for which the licence applies, as per instructions below.

We are unable to sell arrangements of other people's songs still in copyright, as the publishing rights would need to be negotiated.

The following scores/mp3s are available, with composer (ST=Stephen Taberner, RM=Ryan Morrison),
and the album they are on:

Tooled Up
Songs from Tooled Up

Don't Stand Between a Man and his Tool (ST, Tooled Up)
Georgia (ST, Tooled Up)
The Spooky Theme (ST, Tooled Up)
Vote the Bastards Out (ST, Tooled Up)

Stop Scratching It
Songs from Stop Scratching It

Glagolitica (ST, Stop Scratching It)
Gospodi Pomiluj (ST, Stop Scratching It)
Jim (ST, Stop Scratching It)
Lightpole (RM, Stop Scratching It)
Magnificent (ST, Stop Scratching It)

Songs from Stop Scratching It

Songs from Deep and more...

The Affirmations of St Kevin the Usual (ST, Deep)
Deep (ST, Deep)
Just Because (ST, Deep)
Let Me Through (ST, Deep)
The Parting Glass (trad, arr ST, Deep)
Concrete (RM, Deep)

Payment of the licence fee confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions:

The Spooky Men's Chorale permits use of the purchased composition strictly by one nominated vocal ensemble. The licensee will receive a PDF of the score, and mp3s of the whole song and of each individual part. This material may be reproduced for use by the one nominated group as often as is required for learning purposes.

The licensee undertakes to respect performance and mechanical rights. That is, if the licensee performs the song they will lodge the relevant performance returns with APRA, or equivalent, and if they record the song for sale they will pay mechanical rights through AMCOS, or equivalent (

To obtain your licence, score and MP3s:

Click on the Add to Cart button below the song of your choice.
Repeat to add more songs to the shopping cart.
When you proceed to confirm payment, you will see a link:
"Add special instruction to merchant"
Please use it to tell us the name of the choir or ensemble who will use the licence.
Your PDFs and MP3s will be sent to the email address that you use during purchase.

Any questions, contact